EDO is a sustainable essentials and white label brand that focuses on repurposing and reviving dead stock fabrics to create stylish and eco-friendly clothing. The brand’s mission is to contribute to a circular fashion economy by minimizing waste and environmental impact while providing high-quality, fashionable, and affordable garments.

By combining style, affordability, and environmental responsibility, EDO aims to redefine the fashion industry’s approach to dead stock fabrics, promoting a more sustainable and ethical future for clothing production.

Read more about it in our ever-growing principles notebook below.


1. Dead Stock Fabrics:
We source dead stock fabrics from textile manufacturers and fashion houses, giving these materials a second life. This not only reduces waste but also supports responsible consumption.

2. Essentials Collection:
We offer a core collection of essential wardrobe items, such as t-shirts, hoodies, sweatpants, and basic accessories. These timeless pieces are designed for everyday wear, ensuring versatility and longevity.

3. White Label Program:
We provide a white label program for other fashion brands and retailers. They can collaborate with EDO to create their own sustainable clothing line using dead stock fabrics, with the option to customize designs and branding.

4. Minimalistic Design Aesthetic:
We adopt a minimalistic design approach, creating timeless and classic pieces that can be easily integrated into various styles and wardrobes. This not only enhances the longevity of the garments but also reduces the impact of fast fashion trends.

5. Transparency and Traceability:
We are committed to transparency in our supply chain. Each product comes with information about the origin of the dead stock fabric used, highlighting the environmental impact saved by repurposing these materials.

6. Community and Education:
We actively engage with our community through educational campaigns, workshops, and events, emphasizing the importance of sustainable fashion choices. By raising awareness, we aim to inspire a shift towards conscious consumerism.

7. Affordability without Compromise:
We prioritize affordability, making sustainable fashion accessible to a broader audience. By keeping prices reasonable, we encourage more people to choose eco-friendly options.

8. Recyclable Packaging and eco friendly delivery
All packaging materials are made from upcycled and/ or recyclable and biodegradable materials, completing the commitment to sustainability from production to delivery.
Emphasizing our commitment to sustainability, we introduce a local delivery service using bike messengers from CROW CYCLES BERLN. This eco-friendly delivery option not only reduces carbon emissions associated with traditional transportation methods but also supports local employment opportunities.

9. Limited Edition Drops:
Emphasizing the exclusivity of dead stock fabrics, we complete our collection by adding limited edition drops, made one by one in our studio. This means we can not only respond to customer requests and custom measurements, but also create unique pieces made with love that last a long time and are also repaired by us.

10. Circular Fashion Practices:
We actively support circular fashion by accepting worn-out clothing made from our fabrics for recycling.


1. Re-think, reduce, reuse, recycle
We are a small part of the ecosystem in which we live, just like all other people, animals and plants. Each of our decisions is carefully considered, is as ecological as possible or sensible at the time and is questioned and improved at any time. Our goal is to produce fair, climate-neutral and fair, durable and recyclable clothing. At the moment our focus is on the use of existing textile industrial surpluses or organic materials, the development of consistent low- and no-waste design and minimal delivery routes/increasing localization of production. We also ensure that we are not stuck with a single item – through close contact with regular customers, small quantities, timeless design and avoiding seasons and the associated discount campaigns.

2. Products should support the user and their life.
EDO is a flexible uniform for people regardless of gender, age and occasion. EDO is simple enough to modestly showcase your personality, comfortable enough to climb trees, versatile enough to never have a dressing crisis again, and special enough to turn heads.

3. Clarity is beauty.
We look at good design a little like a Zen student looks at the mind. A workpiece characterized by reduction, patient repetition and practice to reveal the essence. Tranquility, serenity, imperfection, devotion and eternal learning.

4. Appreciation of ideas, work and skills.
Good ideas and craftsmanship take a long time to mature. This must be recognized and compensated accordingly. We encourage partners, suppliers and our creative environment to be more self-confident and fair fees and prices. We want to create awareness among our customers about the true cost of clothing. At the same time, we remain affordable through efficient, lean processes and compliance with all of the points listed in this manifesto.

5. Consistency and innovation.
We stand for long-lasting quality and long-term, trusting relationships with suppliers and regular customers. Changes to our products and supply chains are only made to improve quality. We research solutions from the past and look for clever innovations of the future. This way we get better products and save time, costs and resources.

6. Intuition and cooperation.
We believe that true sustainability is possible and not a trend. We believe that the solutions of the future will emerge through creative, local collaboration – not through competitive behavior. That’s why we work transparently and in exchange with colleagues. Our white label collection, our network and our wealth of experience are part of our offer for business customers. EDOgoods is a platform for good ideas and products, open to more than clothing.

7. Humor. Spontaneity. Bizarre things. Mistakes. Learn.
EDO emerged as a very personal project. DIY, playful curiosity and learning from mistakes are our DNA. Make it easy. Like and humor are subjective.

8. Authenticity and transparency.
We work in such a way that we have nothing to hide. Sincerity, personal encounter and credibility are impossible to copy.

9. Room for rebellion.
We are shaping our future and we bear part of the responsibility for it. For us, this means, for example, questioning common business models and practices and acting accordingly. Significant events, demonstrations and social commitment are always reason enough to leave work behind.

10. Privileges oblige
Grundgesetz Article 14 (2): “Property obliges. Its use should also serve the common good.” We believe that privileges should also be binding. We are lucky to have grown up in a welfare state, in the middle class, to have education and solid networks. Even though we are still economically small, that does not release us from our obligation to stand up and engage where we can. Fundraising campaigns, a social pricing system, community and active involvement of the neighborhood of our studio are an integral part of EDO.