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„everything we make returns to earth as either food or poison.“
MATTER OF + EDO limitied edition

The latest collaboration between EDOgoods and matter of is about the spirit of cooperation and networking. Humanity is successful because we have been working together and not due to competition. It is a critique of the Western idea of endless economic growth, which naturally goes hand in hand with the exploitation of people and nature.

Cooperation is the opposite of all these industrialised standards. We are told that this perceived contradiction is normal and that the economy must grow. We as a brand do not want to follow the normal in terms of business. Growth could soon appear to be the biggest misconceptions of our time.

Let‘s take a closer look at nature instead and learn from one of the oldest and most successful life forms on this planet.
We follow the wisdom, the symbiotic connections and the sensitive balance of mushrooms, let their ability to turn waste into life inspire us.
We work together with our friends, we share ideas and experience, we exchange skills and we trade our goods and our time.

This zine came to life in collaboration with our friend and photographer Hannes M. Meier. The photos show our friends Mathilde and Marcos as well as Elisa on a beautiful cold day in the woods.


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– made of upcycled GOTS certified surplus yarns
– made in Germany
– unisex and gender free
– limited to 100pairs
– 90% wool + 10% polyamide, mashine washable!


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L (43-46), M (39-42), S (35-38)


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