„Ich trage seit 3 Tagen am Stück eure Socken, ich will die gar nicht mehr ausziehen!“ – Verena


„Ich hasse es, wenn der Pulli in die Wäsche muss, ich zögere das immer so lange wie möglich raus.“ – Robert



Is there any better feedback?

As long as we have been a couple, we have been working together. And the other way around.
And wear excactly the same clothes.
With BLANK GARMENT we started a white label agency for merchandise products and designed and produced t-shirts, sweaters and socks for many companies or bands. But such enthusiastic and personal exclamations as shown above came from friends who could get hold of sample pieces - you couldn't buy individual garments from us at the time.

Then one day a production partner and friend from Poland asked us what to do with these three 50-meter rolls of Japanese jersey that were left over after the last customer order. So we asked ourselves why we don't actually use our network, our cuts, our own style and our knowledge of all these precious "leftovers" to make our own products?











That's how EDO was born. First a working title from our initials, it soon became a philosophy: it was a coincidence that the saved Japanese fabrics from the first collection reflected the beautiful colors and mood of a haiku that Elisa read at the time in the Book of Tea by Kakuzō Okakura :


A group of summer trees,
a stripe of sea,
a pale evening moon.


And of course, we learned about the era that was named after the former name of the city of Tokyo - the longest period of peace in Japanese history. A time commonly associated with the flourishing of art and culture, horticulture, crafts, etc. Then of course we wanted to learn more ...

And then there is this other motivation:

Already during our studies, we felt that things were going wrong in the fashion industry. As we gain growing knowledge of the history and state of the art of the textile industry, this vage feeling gives way to horror. So we continue to research and embark on a transparent search for better solutions.


EDOgoods. Do better.