1. Re-think, reduce, reuse, recycle
Wir sind ein kleiner Teil des Ökosystems, in dem wir leben, genau wie alle anderen Menschen, Tiere und Pflanzen. Jede unserer Entscheidungen wird sorgfältig abgewogen, ist so ökologisch wie zum jeweiligen Zeitpunkt möglich bzw. sinnvoll und wird jederzeit hinterfragt und verbessert. Unser Ziel ist es, faire, klimaneutrale und -gerechte, langlebige und kreislauffähige Bekleidung herzustellen.
Momentan liegt unser Fokus auf der Nutzung von bereits existierenden textilen Industrieüberschüssen oder Bio-Stoffen, der Entwicklung von beständigen low- und no-waste Design und minimalen Lieferwegen/ zunehmender Lokalisierung der Produktion. Außerdem stellen wir sicher, dass wir auf keinem einzigen Teil sitzen bleiben – durch engen Kontakt zu Stammkunden, kleine Mengen, zeitlosem Design und Verzicht auf Saisons und damit verbundenen Rabattaktionen.


2. We want products to support the user's life
EDO is a flexible uniform for people, regardless of gender, age and occasion. EDO is simple enough to modestly put your personality in the foreground, comfortable enough to climb trees, versatile enough to never have a crisis when dressing again, and special enough to turn heads.


3. Clarity is beauty.
We consider good design a bit like a Zen student's mind. A work piece, characterized by reduction, patient repetition and constant practice to reveal the essentials. Calm, serenity, imperfection, devotion and eternal learning.


4. Appreciation of ideas, work and skills.
Good ideas and crafts take a long time to mature. This must be recognized and remunerated accordingly. We encourage partners, suppliers and our creative environment for more self-confidence and fair fees and prices.
In our customers, we want to raise awareness of the true cost of clothing. At the same time, we remain affordable through efficient, lean processes and compliance with all the points listed in this manifesto.


5. Persistence and innovation.
We stand for long-lasting quality and long-term, trusting relationships with suppliers and regular customers. Changes to our products and supply chains are only made in order to improve quality. We research past solutions and look for clever innovations of the future. This way we get better products and save time, costs and resources.


6. Intuition and cooperation.
We believe that real sustainability is possible and not a trend. We believe that the solutions of the future will come from creative, local collaboration - not from competitive behavior. That is why we work transparently and in an exchange with fellow creatives and small businesses. Our collection as a white label, our network and our experience are part of our offer for business customers.
EDOgoods is a platform for good ideas and products, open to more than clothing.


7. Humor. Spontaneity. Bizarre things. Error. Learning.
EDO was created as a very personal project. DIY, playful curiosity and learning from mistakes are part of our DNA. Don't hesitate, just do it. Taste and humor are subjective.


8. Authenticity and transparency.
We work in such a way that we have nothing to hide. Sincerity, personal encounter and credibility are impossible to copy.


9. Space for rebellion.
We shape our future and we bear part of the responsibility for it. For us, this means among others, questioning common business models and practices as well as acting accordingly. Significant events, demonstrations and social engagement are always reason enough to leave work behind.


10. With priviledge comes responsibility.
Article 14 (2) of the German Constitution: “Property obliges. Its use should also serve the common good.” We believe that similar counts for priviledges.
We are lucky to live in a welfare state, to have grown up in the middle class, to have education and solid networks. Even if we are still small economically, that does not release us from our obligations to help where we can. Fundraising campaigns, a social pricing system and active involvement of the neighborhood of our shops are an integral part of EDO.